Omarosa's New Boobs!

  1. For the record, it's kind of insulting to put Omarosa in with the Normal Celebrities, but it would be too mean to put this in Animalicious! (It would be offensive to the animals!)

    You know, I was going to give my thoughts about it (*cough!* Too much! *cough!*) but I thought the ladies from Go Fug Yourself are much more eloquent:

    We try to avoid Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth at all costs, lest we catch a nauseating whiff of her malodorous delusions of relevance. Undeniably, she and her ego were great reality-show contestants, but they do not combine to make her an appealing or interesting celebrity. Simply put, we don't care. We've had our fill, it was amusing, the plaster fell on her head in what we like to think was an act of God, and now we want to leave her in the past. And yet, she appears to be trying to draw out her 15 minutes with the use of a carefully manned stopwatch, or perhaps by misinterpreting the old adage as meaning, "Fifteen minutes... of every hour."
    Ergo, this single-minded avoidance is probably how we missed out on her ginormous new breast implants, acquired in about March or April, if the photo galleries are to be believed. But if she's going to shove them in our faces, we might as well push back.
    Here she is before the inflation:


    And here she is after:


    This just goes to show why genuine knuckleheads shouldn't be encouraged. Because idiots like Omarosa make a name for themselves as a colossal nutjob on TV, start racking up invitations to things, then take one look at Pamela Anderson and think, "When I am tumbling out of my cocktail dresses, then I shall know I have truly made it." She's the type of person who cracks open a fortune cookie, says that it reads, "Something big is about to burst forth from you," and takes that as a sign that her moment has come.


    Then she cuts a skirt off a dress and sews an untailored hunk of translucent black fabric on the bottom, and takes everything out on the town again.
    I just want her to put them away, along with the rest of her. It can't be a coincidence that her name anagrams to, "O worst amoral mauling! ... That's all." And, indeed, that pretty much covers it. Go home, dunderheaded double-lumped troll.
  2. They have to be swollen still, I can't believe she would go this big!?!?
  3. The Go Fug ladies said she must've gotten them in March or April. Obviously the swelling would've gone down, so that must mean she WANTED them that big!

    Ew! It looks like she had two really big grapefruits stuck in her chest!
  4. :throwup:
  5. Whoa! Maybe when her career finally hits absolute bottom she plans to go into porn:roflmfao:
  6. :wtf:
  7. seriously nobody cares....
  8. Yuck...
  9. :throwup: meh...ew =/
  10. i dont like her at all..

    shes sooooooooooo annoying
  11. Another waste of typing and our brain power. bleehh
  12. yuck...i totally despise her. she doesn't look any better than before.:throwup:
  13. ewww...
  14. she is annoying!
  15. OK, it seems like she stretched her 15 minutes to the max. Is she counting them in dog years or something?!:hysteric: