OM These Burberry are cute!

  1. They are brand new on eBay, do you think they are cute?
  2. I think they are adorable.
  3. Very cute!
  4. Cute! I think those little tassels might get stuck in between your toes while youre walking though, lol.
  5. 2 cute
  6. very nice!
  7. LOL I know!:lol:
  8. Very Charlotte from SATC!!
  9. super cute! Burberry is one of my go-to stores. I love almost everything they do.
  10. are them from the last S/S??
    i remember i saw them in the rome shop, there were also ballerinas, really cute, also in beige and pink!
  11. there's a ton of those at Nordstrom (the ones that sell burberry shoes of course) for 149.90 (down from 350 i believe). i tried them on and they looked bad on me :sad:. they have too little strap for my liking.
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