OM Bloody G.......

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  1. I was just at the mall(its about 30 mins away) and they are getting a coach store..... OMG this is good but not really... and they are hiring :smile:
  2. What are you waiting for!???!!
  3. Well there goes any budget you are on.... (LOL) If you join the Coach team I hear the employee discounts are about 50% so that would be great... You can also get us insider information.....:tup:
  4. I would love to work for Coach. Love it. Would never get paid tho. LOL.
  5. wow thats awesome. I'm going to see if they are looking for part time :smile:
  6. LOL that would be my issues .. hehehe
  7. They actually get more like 60-65% off as employees. Go apply!
  8. Bag Fetish, that is amazing news, I'm so happy for you! There's no bloody way I'd be happy if there were no Coach stores anywhere near me, lucky for me there is, so I can carry on feeding my obsession with them!!!
  9. Lucky! I'd love to work for Coach, but all the boutiques near me are snobby.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that. My two main boutiques have really nice SAs. There are also another two that I have access to and they are pretty nice too. Boo on snobby Coach stores.
  11. You should work just the weekends and still get the discount :graucho:
  12. I cant wait for the store to open and keep on whats new.
    Only issue with working there is its 30 mins away in good weather. With the price of gas I wonder if its worth apply?

    I think its great because the closest coach right now is TO and that is about 1.5 hrs away....
  13. I wonder if you can do that ?
  14. Wonder how much of a discont SA receive???? I might have to consider a weekend job to fund my obsession!!

  15. Same here, not sure about the outlet store though. Even the Macy's ladies can be a bit snooty.. Even when you wave the cash in their face at check out time they still look down their nose at you. It's ok karma will get them