Olympics -LONDON *please USE SPOILER TAGS!*

  1. I appreciate that there are more countries competing than there are actual countries.
  2. Poor Kate has probably been to far too many events this week. Maybe she's just tired and sick of sitting on a folding chair. I know I would be by this point.
  3. I am not impressed with the opening ceremony. Many people on twitter were saying it gets better but I am go to bed after the Parade of Nations.
  4. I like the team USA outfits.
  5. Team USA just came out they looked great! :yahoo::woohoo:
  6. The lighting of the Flame.... AWESOME!
  7. ^^ I loved the lighting too! Beautiful torch!
  8. Anyone notice how bored the Queen looked?
  9. I wouldn't be surprised is she was bored. I bet she was also tired. She probably had a full day.
  10. Yeah, she's 86 years old.
  11. I couldn't see pics on my phone until I clicked through on your post.
  12. Probably cause the ceremony was boring.
  13. It is hard to not compare the Opening Ceremonies to those 4 years ago in Beijing but I think there was a lot more that could have been done. yes there were so highlights but for the most part it was not that exciting.
  14. what will you watch ? as an american i will watch swimming ,basketball , track and field, soccer thats if i can find the games on tv
  15. when does michael phelps swim i am on the east coast norfolk virginia