Olympics -LONDON *please USE SPOILER TAGS!*

  1. So when are the opening ceremonies?
  2. Can't wait! I think I read that they are airing them in North America at 7pm EST.
  3. Awesome, can't wait! I LOVE the opening ceremonies!
  4. I love the Olympics but hate that It is hard to avoid knowing the results for events since everything is aired hours after the event.
  5. They start at 7:30 eastern/6:30 central time tomorrow on NBC!

    Can't wait!!!
  6. Yay, can't wait! My favs are women and men's gymnastics!
  7. I watched the AbFab Olympics special... this will be all I will watch.
  8. i wish i could go . i was thinking of saving money and if it ever comes to the usa i can just drive . then all i have to pay for is a ticket i just want to see opening ceremony in person
  9. I'm so excited! I love the olympics!
  10. I too love the gymnastics... I remember watching Nadia Comăneci & 'practicing' my gold medal worthy performances in my bedroom when I was little!:olympics:
    (if you are too young.. please don't ask who that is.. I feel old enough with my birthday fast approaching!!) :cry:
  11. Before the ceremonies start I want to ask are we going to post about results from events that happen in London but have yet to air in the US? If for example you read the results from the Swimming on Sat which does not air until Sat PM here can you PLEASE USE SPOILER TAGS!!!! I already know which websites to avoid and I do not want to come to this thread and see " WOW Michael Phelps broke another record in X event" when it will not air for 6 more hours.

    I do not know if the title of the thread can be altered but perhaps no result spoilers can be added to the title.

    thank you and if my request is a problem no big deal, I will just know to avoid this thread on days that I plan on watching an event that I care about.
  12. I love the gymnastics as well! Nadia was before my time, but I've seen the footage tons of times and totally practiced my gold medal routines when I was little too.
  13. Contact a mod and tell them to post in the tile (Please use SPOILER tags for Results) or something like that. Tell them the original post said she's ok with it.
  14. Thank you for being OK with the change and I will contact the Mod