Olympic Star Marion Jones admits to steroid use

  1. This is sooo disturbing. Don't even get me started on Barry Bonds. :cursing:

    Turned out, she had feet of clay


    October 7, 2007

    TRACK queen Marion Jones wept as she begged for forgiveness from her family, her fans and her country after admitting to being a drug cheat.

    The sprint star who swept all before her at the 2000 Sydney Olympics pleaded guilty in a US court to lying to Government investigators when she denied using performance-enhancing drugs.

    "I have asked Almighty God for forgiveness...because of my actions, I am retiring from the sport of track and field, a sport that I deeply love," she said.

    In a tearful statement on the steps of the federal courthouse in White Plains, New York, Jones said: "Making these false statements to federal agents was an incredibly stupid thing for me to do, and I am responsible fully for my actions. I have no one to blame but myself for what I've done.

    "To you, my fans, including my young supporters, the United States Track & Field Association, my closest friends, my attorneys and the most classy family a person could ever hope for...I want you to know that I have been dishonest...I want to ask for your forgiveness for my actions, and I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me."

    Jones is the holder of five Olympic medals - three gold and two bronze - but yesterday Dick Pound, chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency, said he expected the International Olympic Committee to move quickly to strip her of them.

    He said the hardest part of taking away Jones's medals would be turning over her 100-metre gold from Sydney to runner-up Katerina Thanou of Greece, who recently completed a two-year doping ban.

  2. Not remotely suprising... disappointing yes, but not suprising
  3. She sure was a huge liar! I wanted to believe her all along, and I almost did.
  4. Very disappointing. I believed her when she was so adamant in her denial of steriod use. Cheaters suck. :tdown:
  5. it wasn't suprising to me either but Why has she decided to come foward with this now?
  6. Her conscience was killing her? :shrugs:

    To me personally, I barely watch any pro sports anymore, especially not track'n field, and cycling. Can't watch it without the constant thoughts of everyone being on performance enhancing drugs of some sort.
  7. The most hilarious thing was that Carl Lewis was condemning her last night on the news.

    Uh, yeah, Carl. Talk about the steroid poster child.

    Jones is admitting this now because she is busted for lying and knows it. If she were not backed into a corner she'd still be lying, you can take that to the Wheaties bank.

  8. So I guess what we have to do is seal up all the old records and achievements earned by natural humans and start a new book of feats by steroid-bulked Sport Robots.

  9. ^^^^^
    my question exactly ???!!!!!!!!
  10. I heard she was backed into a corner about some money laundering thing. Maybe some one who heard more of the broadcast can tie these together.
    What a shame.
  11. I heard a news story (Fox news, Saturday night, sports) that she is currently broke, has about 2K to her name, and is in debt. Maybe she was hoping for a contract for a tell all book, you know, how she was so naive about what she was taking.
  12. oh puhleeeeze this is vomit provoking.