Olympe Stratus PM

  1. I had this bag for a day I am seeing smudging already (clean hands and all). Am I the only one who thinks this bag is way too fragile?
  2. Bannanas, mine has been good. It's only been 2 weeks, but I've used it everyday and it's fine. Are you sure it wasn't just a wet spot on your bag? When these bags get wet, they turn a funny color, but eventually turn right back to normal when dried.
  3. did the smudges come out of your bag? :O
  4. I've used mine repeatedly during the last few months & have had no smudging.I'm confused by what that means :huh: are you referring to dye transfer from dark unwashed jeans, water spots or marks from sticky fingers type of stuff? I haven't noticed any of those types of problems at all.
    I'm sad that you are having problems with yours, as they are so pretty & special. :sad:
  5. I'm so glad to hear that more people are having NO problems!!!!! I CANNOT wait until I get my hands on this baby!
  6. Can you elaborate on the smudging as I have not seen this on mine but I am curious of what I may need to look out for.
  7. photo?