Olympe Stratus PM Question

  1. Can someone please tell me how much this retails for? I know it's late in the season for this bag but I would really like to put my name on a waitlist if I could. I just need to convince hubby :graucho: Thanks!
  2. It was retailed for (Canadian)$2580 here.. so with today's conversion, that'd about US$2400-something.
  3. umm, if my memory is correct. I think the last lookbook price was $2100 USD (before the price increase)
  4. STratus PM was and still is $2400.
  5. yeah....i paid $4200 and darn tax....!!! that was before i found it on elux~~!!!!!

    but since i ordered it on the phone and my bag came from NJ....i paid 6% FL tax.....but if i would have bought it here in Fla, i would have paid 6.5%tax like i normally do.... so i saved about $14....!!! yooHoo~~~!!! but it was still pretty expensive~!!!

    i love this bag though.....lots of lots of compliments! (specially from elderly ladies! ;):heart: this one lady...she has to be about 80y.o. --- said that it was the most gorgeous bag she's ever seen....!!! and i'm sure she's seen so many bags in her life!!!:graucho::tup::heart:)