Olympe Stratus PM on Eluxury!!!

  1. Nice bag, but don't really my style...
  2. Lol my mom keeps looking at this one. She keeps saying, "oh it's there", "oh wait, it's gone", "it's back again." Lol.
  3. *sigh* this is torture! I hate having to wait for a bag! Stupid house...stupid renovations...eating up my bag money LOL
  4. Gone now!
  5. haha, your mom is so cute!:p

  6. i just love to buy from eluxury, no tax and free shipping!:nuts:
  7. Haha yeah she even wrote it down for reference. :lol:
  8. OMG... even the LE is on eLux??

    Why do I have to waitlist for it ....?
    May be the next one is Nimbus...:confused1:
  9. no longer available!
  10. It's back!!

  11. yea, i felt the same way.:tdown:

    hope i won't see a stratus GM on Eluxury next.:crybaby:
  12. No longer available AGAIN !!!
  13. The only reason I can see this is because the Cloud bags have still been available in the last 3 stores I've gone into. Could be the price that's detracting people or maybe people are afraid of the material? Who knows.
  14. the bag is so gorgeous, I would kill for it.