Olympe piece Found in store W/O WL!

  1. For those of you who is still on the waitlist of Olympe bags, call Hilary @ Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas ASAP! She is a manager, uber nice on phone, plus they just got a big shippment of Olympe! Best time to call-NOW! The earlier the better as she had to guard mine from other SA while she take my info over phone.:yes:
  2. Thanks, vegas has all the bags!
  3. thanks do you know how much it was.
  4. it depends on which piece you are considering, i don't have the prices on top of my head, u can ring up 866, or search the forum that post w/price.
  5. I just called Fashion Show Mall and asked for Hilary, a SA said that she is busy and will call me back. I waited.. and waited and waited, so I gave up.

    I called 866 and had them locate one for me..in 2 mins, the rep connected me with a SA in Troy, Michigan. The SA there said she has only 1 left (for Stratus) and it's now at the store room (nobody touchs it yet). So, I took it!!

    I will get it on Wen (she will ship it on Monday).. I'm so happppppppppy :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Anyway, thanks Classic Chic for your info. ;)
  7. Congrats ...my store is yet to receive them:confused1: Don't forget to post photos as soon as she arrives;)
  8. ^
    Sure do :p ..I will post it at the club forum...

    Can't wait to see it IRL...

    Ps. thanks..Shalomjude & Frozen_Alaska :smile: