Olympe or Miroir

  1. I'm thinking of getting the Olympe Cirrus (if I can still find one) and forget about the Miroir Lockit. I'm just not sure whether I would dare to carry the Miroir around....:sad:

    Are you afraid of the Miroir bling like me?
  2. olympe the miroir is pvc
  3. I'd wait for the Miroir. I think as long as you wear an outfit that's not too "soft" e.g. all black, the Miroir won't be too much.
  4. The Olympe
  5. ^^ Olympe..on another note CC you look FAB:heart:
  6. Another vote for the Olympe! Fab leather vs. pvc... there's no competition!
  7. The Olympe :yes:
  8. Olympe, hands down!!!!
  9. olympe.. that bag is just sooooooo fantastically beautiful!
  10. Olympe!!!:love:
  11. Olympe all the way!!!
  12. I personally vote miroir, but that's only because olympe isn't really my style. I wish they had made the olympe in darker colors.
  13. the Olympe Cirrus is the only model i like in this range. i like the Mirror Lockit because its a better shape and heaps rarer. but its PVC. i'd go for leather.... go Olympe!
  14. Miroir!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was afraid to carry my silver speedy at first, but now it's one of my favorite bags. You get used to the bling after a few times. lol. I carry it everywhere from the grocery store to the hairdresser & get compliments everywhere I go. I've even carried it to the gym in workout clothes. I would wait on the lockit. The cloud bag is pretty, but Chanel has similar bags. That's just my opinion. Get what you love the most.
  15. Get the Olympe... if you touch the leather in real life, you might not even need to ask this question!