olympe cloud bags....which color is best?

  1. i'm think i am finally getting a nimus :yahoo:

    but, which color looks best for the cloud bags? which do you guys prefer, ecru or beige?

    the ecru is soft and the beige is more brown....i like both, but cant decide! :rolleyes:
  2. I love the ecru but some people are worried about it getting dirty looking so prefer the beige.
  3. I prefer the beige b/c the pattern stands out more to me.....
  4. i wonder if the ecru would really attract any more dirt than the beige? they are both lambskin.

    still undecided! :p
  5. Ecru
  6. I like the beige.:yes:
  7. ecru!
  8. ecru
  9. ecru!
  10. my Stratus PM is in Ecru, and i think it's a more unusual color than the Beige. it's absolutely beautiful in real life. i've been using it ever since i got it on Thursday, and i think it holds up very well
  11. Beige!
  12. Do you pair it w/dark jeans? I am worry about color xfers, ruined pink caviar chanel already:crybaby:
  13. yes i've been wearing them with dark jeans, and i haven't had a problem. then again, i don't put my bag on my lap :shrugs:
  14. Ecru
  15. You can't go wrong with either color.:yes: