Olsen Twins Style Thread

  1. that doesn't look like acting. lols.
  2. I hear ya! **sigh**
  3. Me too, double sigh...
  4. Awww i love them both blonde, they look so adorable...
  5. To me they look like I'm wearing all my fans for the day and that is their fashion signature. They wear it & don't care!
  6. I think they have wonderful style!
  7. Someone please quote me and ID these earrings! I want them for my wedding. :graucho:
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    i had a jewelry catalog arrive that had these earring but i threw it out. but check irene neuwirth (http://ireneneuwirth.com/). she has something similar.

    there is also ippolita
  9. Hi! Can anyone ID MK's sandals?


  10. loving the wooden sandals, they look like JJs
  11. I saw a pair identical to those at steve madden today on clearance
  12. They are by Celine, but a few seasons ago I believe.
  13. Thanks! I will take a look. The dark green is just gorgeous.
  14. Might want to check Ileana Makri as well; she just collaborated with the Olson twins on a jewelry line for The Row.