Olsen Tote

  1. I've been looking at pictures of the Olsen tote, and I think it's beginning to grow on me!! Anyone knows where I can find this bag, particularly in the smaller size?:shrugs:
  2. eBay or consignment stores.
  3. Olsen tote is a 2002 vintage bag...it's impossible to find any in the stores. U have to try u luck on eBay as it may pops up sometime. Maybe some consignment shops where u can try too as mentioned above.

    GL in ur search!
  4. Thanks....hope I'll find one...
  5. ^^ wow i missed that somehow...thats not a bad price for that one i guess--plus u can dye the handles to match it in all black
  6. Considering the bag only retailed for $1100 or so, $2000 is a lot to pay for a used bag with flaws, MK and Ashley aside. I would never pay that much for a used handbag but to each their own I guess.:shrugs:
  7. Yeah...that's a lot to pay as the retail price is $1115.....:love:
  8. love is blind isn't it?
  9. the above retail price is for the small size...not forgetting we have seen the one that was sold on eBay recently for $1625 (turquoise), the condition is used but not flawless. I guess the price to pay for a small one probably will be $1600+ then the large size, will expect ard $2000:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

    Not sure if u can find a flawless condition since as said it's a vintage bag now, unless the seller did not use the bag at all:love:
  10. It's killing me that a bag can price jump that much but not my salary! *sob sob* :cry:
  11. I hear you.