Olivia Palermo Style Thread

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  1. can't wait for her show .. AM SO EXCITED :nuts::yahoo::drool:
  2. yeah! me too!!! :yahoo: :nuts: :woot:
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  4. Phew!! An Olivia show ... cant wait!
  5. ^^The last pic is so pretty of her!!
  6. I just tried to order the ring off of asos...but when i hit submit payment it wouldnt let the order go through. i guess they stopped shipping to the US...

    really stinks.
  7. go to the US site. I just ordered from there the other day. I saw the ring on there. They are having a great sale.

  8. I cant wait!!!! Will this be on MTV?
  9. I don't know whether to love or hate Olivia; she's simply divine.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. [​IMG]
  12. got to love her style for sure

  13. Wow my heart is beating so fast from the last pics that Winterbaby posted. Not for her hota$$ hubs (:graucho::graucho:) but for her outfit!!!
  14. Hi liz 1- thanks for your help, but even when im on the US site it has a little notice that states it can only ship to the UK. ive tried to purchase it a million times. maybe ill email them?
  15. Maybe they are not selling it in the US anymore. Some items they don't sell in the US. But it is weird that they would just stop. Definitely email or call them if they have an 800 number. GOOD LUCK!! Its a great ring.
Thread Status:
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