Olivia Palermo Style Thread II

  1. Haha yes, exactly! I never thought that he could look bad in anything. But this is too much blue!
  2. Who ever looks at his clothes?:pI don't! Too busy looking at other things!:biggrin:Your right the blue looks like he has a uniform on.
  3. :lol:
  4. His outfit looks like a railroad engineer. :smile: CHOO CHOO.
  5. Oooh, looks like she added a little tee under too.

    I love Johannes' typical chinos + dark sweater + dress shirt. THAT ^ outfit is a no no..
  6. :lolots:So:choochoo::choochoo::choochoo::choochoo:right!!:lolots:
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  8. OliviaPalermo_russia.jpg
  9. Love the outfit. I don't like the bag or the necklace with that neckline. Shoes, dress and hair are great!
  10. 1730d0317fdb7bd3_ashleygreene-dkny_preview.jpg
  11. It's not the Tibi playsuit above - that has straps, not sleeves.

    Much as I love her, I don't think her breastbone is her best feature, really as she's so thin.
  12. That is a gorgeous man!!
  13. She's wearing a shirt under the jumpsuit.
  14. ^ Ah really? How strange!

    On another note, I wonder how much clothes she gets for free?