Olivia Palermo Style Thread II

  1. Can anyone ID the bag above? Thanks!
  2. ^ She looks so cozy!
  3. This is a great winter outfit! I love the look of (the hopefully faux) fur against a solid wool coat. It's still uber cold in NYC right now :wacko: so I've also been living in my faux fur infinity scarf too!

    As for the bag, it's the Nina Ricci Marche tote!
  4. At the launch of Rachel Zoe's new book Living In Style in New York last night.


  5. Johannes, Johannes....why mix your formal suit jacket with non-matching pants? It looks stupid. For a casual look its fine (though personally I'm not a fan) but a formal jacket? No.

    I like Olivia's makeup here....her coat is something I would never wear myself. Her black suit underneath, however, looks chic.
  6. That fur thingy is hideous. She looks chic but yet a little plain in her suit. Maybe I'm just used to seeing her with a necklace, brooch, or something to bring out her outfit.
  7. At the Tiffany arrivals. Credit Daily Mail.
    1395925835042.jpg 1395925846722.jpg
  8. ^ Love the suit but hate that fur coat.
  9. oh no....just no to this outfit....:nogood::yucky:

    I've pretty much just lost confidence in her ability to put together outfits for her red carpet or appearance events.
  10. At the After Party for Dom Hemingway held at Il Principe, Hotel Hugo, NYC - 27 March 2014.

    Newscom-sipaphotosfour655901.jpeg Newscom-sipaphotosfour656720.jpeg
  11. This is a nice outfit. Simple & black. It doesn't look like she's trying too hard unlike the outfit with the furry monstrosity she wore recently.
  12. Wow -- Johannes looks exceptionally beautiful! Love his plaid suit.

    Olivia's skirt looks like it's in my size! :P

    What is going on with her lately? There's been many more misses than hits...
  13. Out in New York's West Village yesterday.




  14. Love her hair and does anyone have an ID on her pants?
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