Olivia Palermo Style Thread II

  1. Walking Mr Butler yesterday in NYC.




  2. Love love love her loubis!
  3. Ouch! She looks amazing = but I'd never walk my dog in shoes like that!
  4. Gorgeous shoes! She makes them look so easy to walk in. If only... Adore her glasses too! :heart:
  5. Love it all except the sweater/cardigan looks a little off, but those Loubs are amazing!!

    Can anyone ID the white shirt? I think her jeans are AG's correct?
  6. She looks fab! Love those shoes!
  7. These are old pics -- I don't know why they're re-released as new. Her dog is even wearing the same vest. She's not wearing her engagement ring and her hair is now a lot longer than when these pictures were taken. :cool:
  8. Hmm the article did say it was from Thursday but I remember her wearing that Zara jacket before but not with the necklace???
  9. Exactly!!;) The hair is different now, even the dog is wearing the same vest. They are old, if I can remember they were taken May/June last year
  10. Her doggy is so cute! I love her shoes! :smile:
  11. Love her latest look! Great shoes!
  12. After lunch in New York City.
    (March 23, 2014 - Source: FameFlynet Pictures)

    Olivia+Palermo+Johannes+Huebl+Out+Stroll+New+bibV7Ppf7rZl.jpg Olivia+Palermo+Johannes+Huebl+Out+Stroll+New+Wc3axea2PuHl.jpg

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