Olivia Palermo Style Thread II

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  2. They look so great together!:love:
  3. Stunning couple!
  4. I don't think I've ever seen her wear the same thing twice. She has great style but seriously who has time or money to buy a new outfit everyday. She must do nothing in her life but shop and obsess about her looks.

  5. Well I suppose its fair and a given that she shops and obsesses about her looks because that is her livelihood...modelling and running a fashion blog.

    I say good for her to capitalize on her good looks and flair for fashion! I love seeing the outfits and hair and makeup that she puts together. I'm a fan.
  6. actually there're a lot of prof fashion bloggers have similar life style...elin kling is one of those as well.
    their job is to look good and be fashionable...very good life indeed...:lol:
  7. She probably gets a lot free to be seen wearing items.
  8. Yeah, I'd be more than happy to live that life :p
  9. I love the 70s inspired outfit with the flared jeans, plaid shirt, and fur vest! I am going to try a similar outfit for Fall.

    Yeah must be nice to shop all the time! I work in the fashion industry where is my reality show and free designer clothes?! :graucho:
  10. Love her style
  11. Shop Til You Drop September 2012 Australia :blossom:
    001 (1).jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg normal_005.jpg
  12. I bought this today! :smile:
  13. Nice! :woot:
  14. Not fair to Elin to compare her to OP:biggrin:.. OP is not as talented nor successful as beautiful Elin :heart:
  15. lol...