Olivia Palermo Style Thread II

  1. ⋏ Didn't even see it until you pointed it out. It doesn't look too good.

    Found some closer pics of the sunglasses,
    Schermafbeelding 2012-07-13 om 23.16.20.png Schermafbeelding 2012-07-13 om 23.15.03.png
  2. What is wrong with her eye?
  3. I love her hair! Is that her natural color?
  4. I think she is a pretty woman but too thin for my taste. the clothes would look better on her with a few pounds more on her body.
  5. Tom Ford Alina
  6. Haven't seen this one, an oldie from London FW.
  7. I was kind of bored tonight, so I looked for some pretty pre-The City pics that hadn't been posted yet. And an odd one where she's working... Hope you don't mind:cloud9:
    Olivia+Palermo+Design+Cares+Presents+Night+l7V1ZoFhbJ9l.jpg Olivia+Palermo+Cinema+Society+Michael+Kors+082WsArt8W6l.jpg Olivia+Palermo+5th+Annual+Operation+Smile+mYwvdZj6iCul.jpg Olivia+Palermo+Comes+Around+Goes+Around+15th+Damu2BX8OAvl.jpg Olivia+Palermo+Around+Bryant+Park+Day+3+Spring+6v7CGhO_DPPl.jpg
  8. If someone could ID that white trench it would be appreciated. Credit: Zimbio.com
    Olivia+Palermo+Around+Bryant+Park+Day+6+Spring+vPbTmIrTEeVl.jpg Olivia+Palermo+New+Yorkers+Children+Hosts+0zWWCwEuC8Ol.jpg Olivia+Palermo+Cinema+Society+Hosts+After+YkziWmahBiel.jpg Olivia+Palermo+Whitney+Museum+American+Art+hMeipdbPbAdl.jpg Olivia+Palermo+Blackberry+Bold+Launch+Party+Ojp-Mkxm70jl.jpg
  9. On second thought, I don't believe they are the same.
  10. Aaaah... Now I see the difference, and these are actually cuter than the other pair (they don't have the southwestern detail on the side). :balloon:
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  12. Beautiful Olivia on the cover of Russia Tatler, August 2012:

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    244991_980.jpg 244992_980.jpg tumblr_m72mhzv0qY1rsne45o1_500.png
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