olivia harris turnlock tote?

  1. does anyone have the olivia harris turnlock tote? its on sale on lunaboston and i LOVE the charcoal one. just wondering if anyone has it and if they love it/hate it or had pictures of them modeling it or anything!

    thanks in advance :yes:
  2. I just ordered this bag and googled to see if anyone knew anything about it and saw this thread

    just bumping it up to see if anyone since november knows this bag :smile:
  3. have no idea what bag is this :p
  4. I actually hadnt ever heard of the brand or anything but I am in dire need of a larger bag for my teaching and I am not in my own classroom so I dont have a place to store my purse and so i am too scared to use my botkier sasha duffle or my grysons because I dont have my own storage space for my stuff since it isnt my class, SO I was googling for a larger work bag at a decent price but i just cant live without leather, and i came across this and it was on sale on active Endeavors for $244 and then i used a discount code so it was only $188!!!! which ROCKS MY SOCKS :smile: cause i was going to go to this store near me and just buy a beat around Tano but I am not really into tano leathers and they cost about that much so :smile: hopefully i love this bag! :smile:

    it retails for $488

    here are a whole bunch of pictures i found of the bag, (i bought the color shown in the first few pictures called charcoal)



    This turn lock tote is presented in fine washed Italian leather with leather trim detail. The double top handles have a 7 inch drop and the shoulder strap lets the bag be worn across the body in messenger style. Antique brass hardware. Inside zip pocket and open pockets. Cotton herringbone lining.



    heres a little bio i found on the brand,, im learning just from posting this :smile: hehe

  5. help!!slush, I've been looking at that tote for some time now. Could you share a review with us when you receive it? Thanks so much!
  6. ok i am PISSED to say the least
    I ordered the bag paid it said processing
    and then today i get an email JUST NOW that they are sold out and my order is cancelled!!!!
    AND they offer me as consolation the same discount code i used I ALREADY KNOW IT so does everyone WHAT A CROCK!

    I was really looking forward to trying this bag :sad: I am NOT HAPPY AND AM NOT going to be buying from AE again!
  7. wow slush it is NICE!!!!!
  8. Does the charcoal have brown leather trim? I'm a sucker for bags that are black AND brown.
  9. slush, am sorry to hear about that :sad:
  10. oh that is sucky news that your order was cancelled. don't worry you will get your bag!
  11. Slush--some consolation:

    I bought it in all black and returned it. It looked great in the photos, but in real life, it was just too big and clunky--not really slouchy; the leather was thick and heavy. Because it was so big and wide, it just didn't look right given the weight of the leather when there wasn't lots in the bag. And if you did try to fill it out (in the photos it appears to be stuffed with tissue) it would be just too heavy to carry.

    I am SO glad that I was able to get the Cole-Haan Aerin tote in Raisin (beautiful brown) for $300 on eBay (just a bit more than the Lunaboston sale price for the Olivia Harris I had with a markdown and 25 percent discount). I think it's much more chic and versatile.

    By the way, one etailer, miostile, http://www.miostile.com/designers/olivia-harris.asp states that Olivia Harris is led by Joy Gryson. I see this nowhere else that sells O.H. (shoptwigs.com, AE, etc.), thus making me wonder if merchants were not supposed to divulge this fact.

    What is described about O.H. (as posted above) does seem true of Joy Gryson. It also makes sense because some of the details, e.g.,, the tags (see photo above) seem very Grysonish. Nonetheless, I'm glad I bought the Aerin instead.
  12. ^thank you so much thisismypurse!!!

    I agree it is a bit grysonesque which i think is what drew me to it, as i love my olivia and 2 skyes
    BUT i am actually so thankful that you wrote a review cause i was SO bummed :sad: But a big awkward heavy bag wouldnt have worked for my needs as of now SO thank you!!!!! :smile:

    I Am going to google about the Cole Haan bag you talked about see if it could work for me! :smile:

    I Actually went to a store in my neighborhood that sells Tanos because i was prepared to just get one and wound up with a bag from a new brand called *dean* they are handmade leather bags made in LA and its really great for what i need ill start a thread about it tomorrow

    but either way thank you so much that really did make me feel so much better cause i was bummin about it! :smile:
  13. I am very curious about this new *dean* bag... Have you started the thread? I did a search and couldn't find it... Thanks!!
  14. I liked it in white. It did really look huge in the picture. I like big purses and sometimes I wonder if I am walking with it or is it walking me.