Olivia Harris/Gryson

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  1. Read the past threads on OH but just got 2 bags today and would love any/all input!

    I got the viola baby ball and double bucket ball hobo. I think the design is not over the top but a bit different and I've seen her studded stuff at Saks and liked it.
  2. I bought a Olivia Harris Patch East West satchel off of GILT last year and I am extremely happy with it. It has held up well and I think the leather is fairly nice. I've seen some negative opinions on this line in the past, but I've had nothing but good luck with my bag. I would not hesitate to buy another. I looked at the bags you bought and think they are very cute! I like the studs.
  3. I love the double bucket ball hobo. I think you will be very happy with it. Glad I didn't get on GILT today. I'm sure I would've bought something! :smile: