olivia harris and gryson... same company?

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  1. I"m totally confused!
  2. Yes - the line's official name is "Olivia Harris by Joy Gryson" and it was created as a lower priced, more affordable line of bags. To be honest, I don't even know if the Gryson bags are being produced any more. The website appears to be dead and I can't find anyone carrying anything current other than Blue Fly. She may have done away with the Gryson line and is focusing on the Olivia Harris line only now
  3. thanks!!!

    that would be sad... i found the most gorgeous GRYSON bag at a resale shop.

  4. did you buy it?
    happen to know what style it is?
    I loved her original designs -- the Olivia and Skye.
    I used to have an original Olivia and the leather and details were just amazing
    I always wanted a woven leather Olivia in Blue Jean, but I think that ship has sailed!
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    Last edited: Sep 30, 2010
    no of course i didn't buy it, i'm on a bag ban (yes i bought it!!!)

    check it out here...


  6. There are new Gryson bags at Nordies in Scottsdale....great leather. Spielberg- you crack me up...
  7. spielberg - is that the big one? or the little one? i have the large red coated canvas one. I kinda want one of the small ones.

    iluvmybags - you should keep an eye on ebay. stuff pops up every now and then and sometimes it's not too expensive.
  8. roadtrip!

  9. its a pretty big bag!
    im in love with it! i think i want to marry it!
  10. glad you like it. it's a nice shade of green.
  11. Well- we are moving to Cali...so I am right up your alley pal...
  12. :smile: