Oliver Peoples Sunglasses

  1. I bought a new pair of sunglasses today and chose a brand that I had never heard of. They were expensive... I tried on every brand and these were my favorite but I was wondering if anyone else has this brand and how they hold up for you and compare to other brands.

    The funny thing was that while I liked the other brands - all of them, but fell in love with some Chloes and Chanels on this shopping trip - several Oliver Peoples glasses looked best on me - three of my final five were Oliver Peoples. So I guess I really like this brand!!!

    These are the ones I bought:
    But not in any of the colors shown. Mine is the color of the 2nd pair in this photo:
  2. i love oliver peoples sunglasses. they are all dh and i wear... we also wear them for our regular prescription glasses. we live in l.a. and we go to the sunset store... the staff is awesome and really helpful fitting you for glasses... they have a big binder in the store of all these celebs in oliver peoples glasses. i especially love the quality and the fashion forward but not unwearable styling. we have been wearing them for over ten years and we just don't even bother going anywhere else anymore... they also make the glasses for paul smith so look at those too next time... super cute!!

    p.s. congrats on your new glasses they are lovely!!!
  3. Thank you Dora! That is so good to hear. I got them at Saks (I opened a credit card with them too while I was there). I am still so excited about them!
  4. I love Oliver People's Sunglasses..I never heard of them either until recently, but theyre incredible, theyre a little expensive, but they are TDF! I just bought a pair of OP Coquette in their Olive Tortoise Pink color.. sooo cute!
  5. I have a pair and I love them. They are awesom sunglasses. Many celebs wear them. Check out their website, it has photos of all kinda stars.
  6. I loooooove oliver peoples sunglasses!! Theya re my fav fit my face sooo well, and IMO they are sooo glamarous.
  7. I bought a pair last year at Neimun Marcus Last Call for $50 or $60!! They were huge and white. I think called the Heroine maybe?
  8. I have the Leyla's (the one you have pictured) in the pearl and black. I LOVE OP!!!!! They're the best glasses out there! I also own the Harlot's in tortoise with pink interior. They hold up so well. Tons of celebs wear OP!
  9. YES YES YES!!! Good for you! I bought my first pair of Oliver Peoples last year after some prodding from my SA to "just try them on" after a lifetime of Chanel, Gucci's, Prada's, etc. I will never go back...they are by far the best made and best fitting glasses I've ever owned. And they're so chic!!! Just the fact that they're not highly recognizable by the masses gives them even more style...IMO.

    Enjoy your glasses, they are gorgeous :tup:
  10. Yes! I love Oliver Peoples both for sunglasses and glasses frames. Pricey, but very chic. And I too like that they don't have a giant brand logo stamped on them (because I'm not always in the big CC mood!)...
  11. wow I am so glad to read all of this! I guess I did the right thing. I really thought I would walk out with Chloe because I have always wanted them, but I just love the OP glasses the most. A couple of you mentioned you bought the tortoise with pink interior color. I have to tell you I LOVED those too - I almost bought the glasses I bought in that color. They were tied for favorite.
  12. I am an Oliver Peoples FREAK!! Love them... I rock the Commanders, Aeros, Harlots, and Clochettes!
  13. I too love Oliver Peoples sunglasses, I'm getting the Harlot. :smile:
  14. I really like OP, it's classy. I can't decide if I want to get OP leyla or Tom Ford's Whitney!
  15. Yes, that's why I love them too plus they fit beautifully. I thought they are very well-known already, but I guess not. I've got my first pair two years ago and since then it's my favorite sunglasses brand! I have prescription glasses with OP frame as well.