Oliver People sunglasses

  1. Okay...Im so upset with myself! I bought 3 pairs of (Athena)Oliver People sunglasses before I went on vacation! I bought the green, purple and brown tortoise shell. I ended up wearing my kate spades the entire time and now that we are home I dont think I like them any more! I can not return them as its been over the 10 day policy...I may like them at some point...should I keep them? Or post them in the marketplace? Let me know what you think.
  2. Wow, 3 pairs? :lol: If you know you're not going to wear them, I'd sell them. They're so cute, someone here would probably pick them up!

    I have the Athenas in white, I love them! :love: The green ones are pretty, too.
  3. I guess I'd sell them!
    Neiman's carries them, where'd you buy them?
  4. Wow, 3 pairs? :lol:

    Over the top on line shopper...I swear my husband is going to take my lap top away soon...I had decided I was going to start collecting sunglasses and I sure have a great start!
  5. I bought them from Oliver peoples direct
  6. post pics
  7. I have the Athena spice also purchased from Oliver Peoples online. I wore them the last 3 days while in Los Angeles and felt very glam!!
  8. Maybe instead of getting a refund (which is out of the question) they will allow you to exchange them for different pairs. I would definitely at least keep one pair of the Athenas, they're gorgeous.
  9. Great idea! I will call in the AM and see if I could exchange atleast one pair.
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