oliver people sunglasses at gilt.com

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  1. has ne1 bought oliver peoples from gilt b4? I boutght some when they first had oliver peoples sunglasses a few months ago and wanted to know if ne1 received defective sunglasses? The lens' on mine (if u look real close)look like they werent coated evenly , some spots were missed or sumthin. Did ne1 else notice this?
  2. Eeekkk! I just bought the Leyla. Hope they come ok. I would be upset and ask for my money back.
  3. urs prolly will, i prlly got a bad one from the bunch. just my luck! I was going to return them, but I really wanted them so i thought maybe ill get them repaired at OP store. So as i was debating, OP showed up again on gilt, but the ones i wanted sold out. I checked again yesterday for the 3rd time and they sold out again. I was planning on buyin another one and returning the defective one. =(
  4. I purchased a pair during the last OP sale. They were perfect!
  5. i also got a pair during the first sale and they seemed fine
  6. love them....
  7. hmm. I thought mine were perfect too until i looked at them closely and saw the spot that was uncoated. Try holding up to ur bathroom light or daylight and see if u see nethin. I was thinking... I knew the price was too good to be true. haha. lol.
  8. You might want to check if you have a TJ Maxx near you. I was there last week and they had tons of OP sunglasses for between 29.99-49.99
  9. yep, not a ton at my place, but they had them there.
  10. i just checked right now, in my bathroom and they look fine to me.