Oliver new for Fall 2008?

  1. Did anyone else notice the picture of Cameron Richardson on rebeccaminkoff.com? It looks like she has a new bag for fall 2008 called the Oliver in electric blue! I don't really like the shape because I'm not a fan of shoulder bags, but the color is amazing.
  2. ooooooo i really like that. i'd love to see a close up!
  3. Gorgeous color! I want that in a Morning After bag. Fall is so far from now, though, I'm sad.
  4. The picture is such a tease. :lol: I want a bag in the electric blue now!
  5. The color is stunning, but I'd have to see more close-up pictures to see the shape better. I'm also on the fence about the handle - if it's a chain, I'll have to pass - I've never much cared for full chain handles.