Olive ?...

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  1. That olive looks very similar to my quilted MAM. Good luck!!
  2. Hey girl!

    I think the olive on tobi is a bit misleading. I ordered a MAB from endless in olive (not the glazed one, but the brand newer one that was offered after that) and it is no where near the color that tobi is showing. It's almost a black olive it's so dark. Pretty none the less...but not like the tobi pic.

    The pic on endless.com is pretty true to life.
  3. Perhaps there is leather variation as far as color too! I wouldn't mind a dark olive, personally. Deeper, saturated colors are da' bomb. Ooh la la!
  4. Maybe you can call RM customer service and they can tell you if they put out a product like that. They might even be able to give you a SKU number to reference if you call Tobi for inquires.

    Good luck!
  5. it looks just like the leather on my quilted MAC! If you use TOBI make sure to use the Sept code for 30% off! FBKP0910
  6. I don't know about Olive personally but the light grey bag on their site is "lighter" than it is IRL (just as a reference for all their pictures).
  7. I am assuming it's the darker, almost black version of Olive which I really like! I am still wavering on my decision, but since I really don't do Black I thought it would be a great alternative with a bit of a disguise... I am really wanting a green bag for the winter, just trying to decide which one. I am wavering between this, a Bal Work and a AW Forest Rocco! Decisions, decisions...:thinking:
  8. I just got a quilted Olive satchel and it is definitely darker than it appears in photos. I still love it just the same.. I love this leather and hardware combo and the little details on the bag are great!

    I need to do a reveal..

    ETA: I do think that MAB is the same leather.. it just photographs lighter in all pictures for some reason.