1. Maybe it's because I just watched "Little Miss Sunshine" again, or maybe it's because I think this may be a great color in real life. Does anyone have comments about the Olive Large Multipocket with gold hardware? From the one picture I saw on the MJ website, it looks really pretty. My checkbook hopes I don't need this bag right now. What do you all think? Thanks!
  2. ^^Just to clarify, I mean the current "olive" color and not the one that is faked time and time again on eBay.
  3. I really, really like olive color. I think its one of those very neutral color that goes with everything.
  4. I have a Venetia in Olive and absolutely love the color. You should definitely add it to your amazing collection.
  5. Mmmmm.... green bags. Love em!! Go for it!
  6. Yes! - I don't own it, but tried the large MP on IRL at Bloomies about 9 +mos ago and the color was amazing. Don't know your coloring, but works really well for fair skinned/blond/ruddy/freckled types
    (as well as others too, but if anyone out there shares that coloring with me, :smile: ya know how hard some popular colors are for us!)

    At the time, I thought sure I'd pick up something olive in a sale .......sigh ...... the one that got away .......!!
  7. I watched Little Miss Sunshine earlier tonight too!! Such a good movie. Especially love the dance sequence at the end. Hillarious!

    I think the olive color is scrumptious. The gold hardware goes so perfectly with this color.
  8. I love green bags also! Go for it!!!
  9. Olive is a beautiful color. Post pics if you get it!!!
  10. Large MP, go for it!:yes: My favorite MJ bag and olive is a great color:okay:
  11. You all are good salespeople! As soon as I find one on sale it will be mine. So, if you see one, will you please let me know? Thanks!