Olive Uggs?? Anyone?


Surprisingly Content
May 14, 2006
So I am an ugg addict. I have 2 classic short in sand, 2 classic short in chestnut, 1 classic short in black, 1 coquette in sand, and 1 sundance in chestnut. I've been wanting the classic talls, but everytime I put them on I think they make me look stumpy. But then I think I'm just being self-conscious and want them again! So I was looking on ugg.com and they're out of the classic talls in my size and the colors I'd want. Because I have all sand, chestnut, and black - I wanted to go for mink or olive. Does anyone have the olive? And should I go with another pair of shorts? I'm barely 5'2 - and my legs are super short - this is why I think I should just steer clear of the talls... HELP!:hysteric:
My friend has a pair of the olive cargo boots and they are just lovely, I saw them and immediately wanted a pair! I think the olive color is great. My friend is taller than you by a few inches, so I can't speak to height, but I think it's a nice color.
Ahh! So I told my boyfriend that they happened to have ONE size of the classic short olive on ugg.com - size 5 - and he bought them for me! Oooooh I'm so excited!!! :yahoo:

...and now it's time to check into ugg rehab! :wacko:
my friend has a pair in olive and i dont know if its hers but they look some what more grey than olive.....but when u look at them on line they are definatly olive!!!
These are called "burnt olive"