Olive trapeze - are the wings yellow or green?

  1. hi everyone :smile:
    i have a chance to get my hands on an olive Trapeze bag.
    From the photo ive been sent (and most photos ive seen here on tpf), the wings look yellow. however, i have also seen pics of the bag with green wings.
    for those of u who have this bag or have seen ot in real life, can u please tell me what the colour of the wings are?
    the reason i ask is, i am not a fan of the colour green... i love the colour combo with the yellow wings in pics but not green...
    please help!
    thanks in advance :smile:
  2. bump!
    someone please help!
  3. No problem at all. The colour is a very nice neutral....goood luck looking for one!
  4. Celine-Grey-Nude-Trapeze-bag-2012-2-200x150.jpg Celine-Grey-Nude-Trapeze-bag-2012-200x150.jpg
  5. It's more like a olive green, yellowish green...it looks more yellow under sunlight...
  6. I saw the real one. I think it is more yellow, but it is still green.
  7. Woohoo I finally took the plunge and ordered the olive trapeze and cannot wait to get it!!! Hopefully next week!!!