Olive-skinned beauty...

  1. Once upon a time, there's this pretty olive-skinned beauty that made me drool... :drool:


    Now the beauty is mine, my first muse, my adopted princess, and I couldn't be happier.
    However, after reading some posts here, my :heart: began to skip....
    The olive skinned beauty's golden teeth (also known as zipper) has YSL etched on it. :confused1:
    Considering that she was born in 2006, my heart wonders whether it's kinda premature...

    When she was adopted, I also received her 'birth certificate' (caring booklet to baby her, a certification card WITHOUT number and a carton tag with series number matched her intenstine), and wonder what is the typical look for a princess' birth certificate.

    Can anyone help me, so me and my olive-skinned princess could live happily ever after without worries?
    What do you all think?
  2. Hi Floodette,

    I'm so sorry you have some doubts on your muse :sad:.

    I hope this pic helps:

    How does the quality seem to you? Does the muse match the pics you posted?
  3. Liz, the cards look exactly like the ones pictured ^^

    The one in bottom left corner is the envelope, right? And the small square says Yves Saint Laurent *rive gauche* CONTROLE 1234567890. Is that OK?

    The card on top right says "this certificate of authenticity bla bla bla" but without number (not like Chanel authenticity card).

    It also comes with additional tag like the one I posted in authenticate thread. That's the only printed material that has the serial number.

    The key looks like an old key, circle on top with YSL etched on it. The lower part (the part that got in the lock) is straight, not like modern key. It can open the lock no problem.

    The zipper tags have YSL etched on it, and I couldn't see any Lampo print anywere. Is this normal, considering it's a 2006 bag?

    As for the quality, YESSSS!!!!! :tup: :tup:
    It looks so pretty, durable and well crafted, one glance and I know it is not a cheapo (despite its very subtle logo). Actually my doubt is becoz I can't imagine how someone could sell something so beautiful unless it's a fake :sweatdrop: (paranoid talking).

    Please... please... please let my princess be real :girlsigh:

    PS: the pics above is indeed taken from my muse
  4. Hi again, Floodette!

    The key sounds perfect! The zipper tags/pulls are supposed to have YSL etched on top and sometimes *Lampo on the back of the zipper.

    Does the lining seem soft and not rough like nylon?

    If you look at the key pouch, what color is the inside of the pouch?
  5. Sounds great so far!!!! The lining is soft like satin, but the material is kinda thick like nylon in a good way, KWIM? I know I can use it alright.

    The inside of pouch is also dark olive like the leather, so it's alright, rite?

    Couldn't find Lampo anywhere, though.... So your finale verdict is...

    *pray hard*
  6. Oh, good!

    I am glad the inside of the pouch is also dark olive!

    One more thing: how does the brass lock and key look?

    Please describe the brass.

    I looked over the pics you posted earlier and the brass looks good, not a shiny, bright gold color.

    Everything points out to your bag being authentic!

    You also agree that the quality of the bag is very good and that the pics do really look like the bag you received, so I am leaning towards the final verdict being authentic!

    We are really not sure about the zippers: some say *Lampo on the back and some do have YSL instead.

    Enjoy your beauty!
  7. errr.... they are golden-couloured, but deep, rich gold not blinky ones. I can see why you called it antiquated or brassy (no pun intended). In some places (esp. in the nooks of the key where the circle and stick met) the golded colour has faded and I can see the white metal.
  8. ^ I just looked at my lock and the light fading that you see is around the edges of the keyhole right (where the key is inserted)?
  9. :woohoo::yahoo:Oh, YAY!!!!!! :yahoo::woohoo:

    Heh heh, thanks a lot, Liz. Couldn't tell you how much I appreciate your patience and help. You really ease my mind. Will post PICS later on!!!!
  10. I am glad everything worked out for you!
  11. My Olive muse from Bluefly has YSL too not Lampo. I thought Olive/teak was born in F/W 07 no?
  12. Sorry, Liz, just read your post above. Mine has a faded key, not a faded lock. You know the circled part with YSL etched on (the 'head' of the key that one holds to turn the key)? And the part of the key that got into the keyhole that looks like stick? The fading part is when both parts joined. It's in the pouch anyway, so so one can see it :yes:

    It's inetersting, so your lock also fades, yah... Hopefully the hardware wouldn't get uneven due to fading :push: