olive shoes big sale...

  1. Olive is having their Half Yearly Sale - starting monday, january 7. Every shoe, boot and accessory in the store and on the web will be on sale from 30-50% off, but for 1 week only. These are shoes from the top designers and are the very latest styles:
    All Chie Mihara (including bags!) - 40% Off
    All Cydwoq - 40% Off
    All Repetto - 40% Off
    Coclico Wicked Wedge - 50% Off
    All other Coclico - 40% Off
    Georgina Goodman Style Slippers - 30% Off
    All other Georgina Goodman - 50% Off
    TwentyTwo Shoes - 40% Off
    Ash - 50% Off
    Pollini - 50% Off
    Rundholz - 50% Off
    Eileen Shields - 50% Off
    Tracy Watts - 50% Off
    All other Accessories - 30% Off

    Shop early because the sale is limited to items on hand in our boutique.

    someone better snatch this up!!
  2. Oh, darn - out of all the cute Chie Mihara's in my size - blast my big feet!!
  3. I just ordered the Coclico West boot in brown...yipee!!!!
  4. They don't have my sz in the chie's but thanks for the info!!
  5. what? no one got the bag yet?? it's so beautiful!!
  6. that bag is long gone grechen! not to worry about its homelessness :smile:
  7. oh, good :smile: i love it so much, just want it to go to a good home.
  8. i ordered the flat black repetto boots i've had my eye on ... thanks for the tip!!!