Olive Quilted Mam Reveal

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  1. Just received my new Olive Quilted MAM today and I love it!!! The color is great and the size is perfect. This bag has renewed my interest in RM!!
    Having a hard time figuring out how to upload pics. Any help?
  2. I'm here! Try photobucket?
  3. I tried to add a link to photobucket and all that comes up is text. What am I doing wrong?
  4. use the IMG code link
  5. [​IMG]

    Okay here we go. Thanks for the help girls!!
  6. Ooh, that's a very unique color! How do you like it?

    The antiqued brass hw looks GREAT!
  7. [​IMG]

    Back of the bag just as beautiful as the front!!
  8. I love the olive color and the tassel too gorgeous bag!
  9. Love it :tup:
  10. The color is actually a little darker than the photos show but I actually love it!!! I had left RM for a while but all these new fall styles are drawing me back in!!!:smile:
  11. Gorgeous, Aimee! Even though you said the pics are a little lighter than the actual bag, I still think your bag is much lighter than the olive quilted MAC I bought and then exchanged for an almond one. You're bag is gorgeous, that's the color I really wanted the MAC to be.

    We'd love more pics! Mod pics, perhaps?
  12. Such a beautiful bag! Congratulations.
  13. Here are some mod pics!!
  14. Such a gorgeous MAM, congrats! I love the quilting and esp the olive color!
  15. One more!!