Olive Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

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  1. For those of you who use oil to enhance patina, shine, etc - what kind of oil do you use?

    Directions? Advice?
  2. wha? i've never heard of anyone doing that
  3. I prefer my LV's sauteed in a light extra virgin olive oil. J/K!

    I'm curious too - does anyone do this? And how? Does it work?
  4. That's what I'm asking lol ^^^

    There was a post just recently about it - lemme find it for ya.
  5. http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/how-long-to-take-to-oxidize-20545-2.html

  6. yeah i saw that thread too.
    im jsut like you , livinlux, i want to speed up the patina...im taiwanese and i am going back this summer and having a "light leathered" bag there is sort of an embarassment.
  7. Yeah in my area too a light patina is an embarrasment - like you're an LV newbie!
  8. same here!

    hehe, will do the olive oil thing together, side by side we fall or succeed.

    damn i really want to speed up this dang speedy 25's handles!!!
  9. I think I might try this on my Speedy's handles. I've had it since February, but it doesn't have the honey colored patina that I want it to have. I only have extra virgin olive oil, so I'll try it on the leather and see what happens. Tomorrow is supposed to be a sunny day :cool:
  10. question - will the olive oil help attract dirt?
  11. yay cristina you can do it with us!

    make sure to take pics too, like before and after!
  12. no, it produces a glossy coat on the handles which GLISTENS hehe. and its waterproof so no need of worrying about water marks and dirt and what not :roflmfao:
  13. cool. can't wait to see pics cause I'm a scardy cat!
  14. aw dont be. it'll work i took a look at deluxducks bags, and they are MIGHTY GORGEOUS!
  15. I used Extra virgin olive oil because only that kind always use for cooking.
    My logic was..extra virgin olive oil is the best for our health so it will do good as well for my bags lol
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Not open for further replies.