Olive Muse: Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

  1. Has anybody seen the Olive Muse in person? What do you think about the color?
  2. Here is a pic

  3. Thumbs up, I think. Versatile color, can be worn with tons!
  4. Olive is a fabulous color! You can wear with just about anything.
  5. pseub: I am so into this bag!

    I also like the chocolate Muse. I have brown hair and eyes, and I have lots of brown bags (LV, Chanel cambon reporter, Mulberry Roxanne, Fendi Spy). So I'm thinking Olive.

    Have you seen the color in person?
  6. I haven't no, and I'd probably hold off on giving it the thumbs up or down until I did. I'm pretty sure that picture doesn't do the color justice...it looks pretty washed out there. I was speaking more about olive bags in general.
  7. I agree. And any shade of green can look very different IRL. So I think I need to head to the YSL boutique and check it out.

    Thanks for your opinion.:yes:
  8. Thumbs up!
  9. I think that isn't the best photo of the bag. There is a really wonderful one that someone on TFS posted a few months ago. You really get the feeling for what the color is irl.
    That said I think it's a beautiful bag, so thumbs up!
  10. Thanks beaux; I'll try to find that other pic.
  11. Its a very nice color that goes very well with neutrals. :smile:)
  12. Does anybody know whether the Olive color for the Muse is *new* (pre-fall), meaning there should be plenty available, or if it was a spring/summer color and is getting limited???

    I went to the YSL boutique in Washington, D.C, and they didn't have any in Olive, and the SA wasn't very knowledgeable. I'm trying to get a handle on whether I can find an Olive Muse in NYC when I'm there in mid-July, or if I should start working the phones at Neimans, Saks, etc...
  13. I bought the Olive a month ago in oversized at YSL in LA. I love that bag, it is a great color and it goes with everything. I went in expecting to get the brown or black and walked out with the Olive! Looks great with browns, orange, and tans.
  14. Also, please see my post in the "How do I treat my Muse?" thread regarding water and the Olive color.
  15. Thanks for the info. ej !!! I'm so glad to hear from someone who actually has the Olive bag. :biggrin:

    Do you think that the pic posted above (from Neimans) is an accurate depiction of the color?