Olive Matte BeSpoke Anyone???

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  1. It seems there are quite a few of us interested in the Olive Matte leather. It is a lovely sade that seems to be one that might only get better with time.

    I was wondering if anyone else might be interested in an Olive Matte BeSpoke in a nice casual style?

    It was mentioned that an Enchant Me Midi might be desired. Also, perhaps an Inspire Me. ( I am hoping for the option of an Inspire Me Midi!?)

    Just thought I would throw this out there to gauge interest. I think many of us have already comitted many of our BE dollars for fall and maybe til the endo of the year so it would probably be a few months yet so we could save up.

    Anybody else interested add your name:

    1) allysar
  2. 1) allysar

    2) tote girl
  3. 1) allysar

    2) tote girl

    3) VanBod1525 - I can't afford to BEC everything so a bit of discount would be great! I'm in favour of an Enchant Me Midi - I don't really like the Inspire Me and it is too big so if this goes to an IM Midi, I'm out. Delivery would also have to be a few months away as I'm about to pay for a BEC in the next week or so.
  4. Personally the Enchant me does not suit me at all ;) I'm so jealous of those of you , who can use it..but I'm too large chested..that is in front...so I must fight my way through in order to reach for anything in the bag..LOL!

    But an Inspire me reg sized will be fine by me for sure!
  5. Just to clarify my interest would only be an Inspire Me or a IM midi if produced.
  6. Just condensing our wishes by adding what bags we are interested in...feel free to change or add!

    1) allysar

    2) tote girl-Inspire Me or Inspire Me midi only

    3) VanBod1525- Enchant Me midi only

    4) Bonnie - Inspire Me full size

    5) Odebdo - Enchant me Midi only
  7. Thanks, Odebdo! Good idea. We are all over the place with this one, lol.

    1) allysar- either bag in a midi Enchant Me or Inspire Me (leaning towards EM over IM)

    2) tote girl-Inspire Me or Inspire Me midi only

    3) VanBod1525- Enchant Me midi only

    4) Bonnie - Inspire Me full size

    5) Odebdo - Enchant me Midi only
  8. Soo..... I have from Rose the dimensions on the Inspire Me Mini

    10.5" H x 15" W x 3" D

    (compare to the standard size 12"H x 15.5" W X 4" D )

    Just FYI!
  9. I'd cram myself into this bespoke if I didn't already have Sandia, the kiwi MMS!
  10. So, after falling in love with my supersoft matte pumpkin Hug Me I am thinking I need another matte Hug Me.

    Would any of you olive lovers out there be interested in a Velvet Olive Matte Hug Me? Medium or Large? Silver or Brass hardware? Purple or Fushcia lining?

    Would need to be after the holidays.

    Anybody? A super smooshy yummy olive bag to warm your winter days :biggrin:
  11. I would join you Allysar....I would prefer silver hardware and either lining sounds yummy to me...

    Size wise I am not sure...what size is your pumkin huggers? And any chance of a modeling shot??
  12. I would prefer silver as well. My Pumpkin is medium and I will try to have my daughter shoot a modeling pic later today. Oh, my straps are 2" longer, too for easy shoulder wearing. Love it!!

    Okay...who else!
  13. No, I'm sorry :sad:

    I'm going to get a covert me mini next, alone seeing as my suggestion of a group bespoke didn't get one reply:biggrin:
  14. Do you mean a covet me mini?? Where is there discussion on this?? I would love one...depending on the leather!
  15. ally..I'm def in for a Hug me medium w/ purple lining!!!