OLIVE MAM Mod Shots - Loving this bag!!

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  1. Ok, here is my new and improved Olive MAM. What is that they say? The 2nd time's the charm?? :smile:

    I wore this bag last night while taking my fiance out to dinner for his Birthday... (yup Matt & Desi share the same birthdays!! woot!)

    Here she is:




    I think this color ROCKS.. I absolutely love it and I have a feeling it will stay in my collection for evah!
  2. Wow! You look stunning with Olive, LR! Absolutely gorgeous mod shots! :drool:
  3. Beautiful bag, and your outfit,too! It looks quite big, I almost thought it was a MAB.
  4. Beautiful bag! and you are so pretty!
  5. That looks great on you!! Are you in Philly? It looks like Philly to me, born and raised.
  6. Gorgeous!!!

  7. I sure am!! This was taken right near Fitzwater & 6th..

    Thanks y'all! I am really loving this new bag. I am a huge green freak so it's nice to have such a unique shade of green :graucho:
  8. WOW! The bag is beautiful. You should be an RM model! Congrats!
  9. I am LOVin' that olive green!! You look beautiful, LR!
  10. I love it!!! I think this color would be fab in a MAC!!! You looks great LR!
  11. The Olive looks really great on you especially paired up with black. I'm a green freak too (** and I love my Olive MAM as well :yes:)

    You have gorgeous hair!!
  12. Gorgeous as usual! You AND your olive mam!
  13. That bag is TDF, and you wear it well!
  14. oh man, a new lemming. thanks a bunch. lol
  15. Olive is really pretty, congrats!