Olive large MP drama

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  1. Upon the urging of many of you here, I spent much of the weekend tracking (well, trying to track) down a large multipocket in olive. The Charlotte Nordstrom said that there was one available in the company, but that it appeared to have been "racked" to Nordstrom Rack but they had no idea where it would end up. I called NR and they said no store in their computer had it. This was Friday. I decided to try again on Saturday to see if I got a different answer. The Atlanta Nordstrom said that they tracked down the bag, but it had actually been racked on Friday! Is that bad luck or what? I called another Rack, was told they don't have it, yada yada yada. Sooooo, I gave in and ordered it (at full price, ugh!) from the Bal Harbour boutique. If anyone out there finds this on sale, PLEASE don't tell me!!!!
  2. Oh man, I hate when that happens! Sorry you weren't able to get it for discount. At the very least, you have a beautiful olive bag! :yes:
  3. Thanks! And if you do spot it on sale and feel compelled to tell me, please say that it smells like someone put a dirty baby diaper in it and left it in a hot car for a few days.
  4. ^^Ewww! LOL!! Sorry you had such bad luck bag-addict!!

    I read on a thread in the deals & steals section that NR's are supposed to be getting a bigger and better handbag delivery on Tuesday. Maybe that's when the Olive MP will "appear."

    Well on the bright side, like slickskin said, at least you found an Olive MP. I guess it could be worse if you didn't find one at all. Sorry, I'm probably not much help. :sad:
  5. Congrats on getting a beautiful new bag!!
  6. Oh man, you were so close to getting that bag on sale. Well, at least you were still able to find it, congrats!!! Can't wait to see your pics of this beautiful color.
  7. Bag addict:
    I have a hard time believing that the "racked" bag in their system was the Resort 2006 Olive - Hope that makes you feel better- I love that color combination so much I tried through our Nordstrom's to obtain something in it (ZC, Blake, MP) a few months ago and was told that the buyer didn't get Olive in the MJ Resort 2006 version.
    Don't know if true, but I really doubt that this racked bag would be as perfect as the one you are getting from BH. Enjoy and post pics in the color section!!
  8. I purchased both the Venetia and Blake in Olive from the Resort 2006 collection at Nordstrom during their sales in June so I know they did have that color. Unfortunately, the Blake was in horrendous shape (the leather was torn up on the handles and pockets like someone keyed it!) so I had to return it. :sad:

    Bag-addict - The olive MP is gorgeous!! I'm sorry you weren't able to find one on sale but this is one color I don't think you'll regret paying full price for. I can't wait to see pics!
  9. Thanks Abby and Melly! I needed to hear this. It surely eases my buyer's anxiety!
  10. my guess is that when you receive your bag in person, you might not have any more regrets? heehee...=)

    that color is so pretty. be sure to post some pics of your new bag!
  11. I have NO idea if this place sells fakes or they are real! But Elegance Handbags.com is selling a lg olive MP for 199.00??:shocked: Don't shoot me!!
  12. Please stop posting this website all over the forum. They sell fake bags. In fact, they use the same pictures as Neroned (a notorious fake seller on eBay).
  13. Excuse me I thought if they were real that they were offering a deal! Did not mean to offend anyone! I see now that this website can be not so friendly:confused1:. Melly I will find something better to do with my time so as not to disturb you! Sorry if I am not as in the know!I apologize if I offended anyone.
  14. I am sorry I offended you. I am just saying you should wait for an answer on authenticity before promoting any website on the forum. I would hate for anyone to be ripped off because they thought tPF members approved this site.
  15. I was obviously asking a question
    not promoting a web site. I feel like I have been reprimanded for sticking my hand in the cookie jar! I will not post anymore and you can feel free to delete me from YOUR site. I thought I was a member but every time I cross you I feel like an invader!