Olive 07 Fall Day!

  1. Hi all - I have been holding out... :p I got an Olive Day this week and it is really amazing. This is one of the best colors I have seen Balenciaga do in a long time. For me anyway. I was holding out because I thought I could get better photos but the week has turned up some unexpected surprises and I haven't had the time to get it done. But - I didn't want to wait to tell you all that I absolutely love this new olive color for fall. It is a perfect earthtone neutral to me and just has the most beautiful tones to it. It is olive, but has this brownish tinge to it that makes it look so natural. hard to describe really. Anyway - I returned the sienna I had as it was just a little too reddish rusty for me and got the olive instead. The olive has photographed fairly well, but the sienna came up looking way more reddish on my camera than it is in real life. The earlier photos on here of sienna are far more accurate than what my camera took. LOVE MY NEW OLIVE DAY!
    BbagsLVBronze 019 (Small).jpg BbagsLVBronze 020 (Small).jpg
  2. ps... when I have more time I will post better photos of this olive color. Pictured are cinnamon, sienna, oatmeal and of course the olive. Like I said though - for some reason my camera made the sienna look very reddish when in real life it is a definite rusty warmer color than pictured. The others look like true to color. Enjoy!
  3. I am so scattered brained today! With the three bags side by side of course, it's cinnamon, sienna, and olive.
  4. yummy! love green bags! the color looks very wearable...
  5. I love all of those bags! They remind me of autumn leaves, they're so spot-on! Congrats on your new bag!
  6. Thanks for the great pics! Is it reminiscent of Khaki at all?
  7. WOW that looks like olive brown. Gorgeous!!!
  8. I am not sure if I am really familiar enough with any previous khaki colors to comment. I do know that if it was just called khaki - for some reason that wouldn't seem to do it justice in my eyes. It is so pretty IRL. My SA said that they had not been able to photograph it well, but when people came in to the store, the olive was the color they gravitated to the most. I think my photo is pretty fair, but like any photo, there is sometimes this certain "depth" that you don't get that his bag definitely has. It really is beautiful and I wish you all could see it in person...... should I put the coffee pot on? :p
  9. Open a bottle of vino and I'm there to celebrate with you! Beautiful choice. Congrats! (And congrats on the sale of your Chloe!) Enjoy!
  10. I agree, that's the most beautiful Olive ever!! And I'm a Day junkie, so I love all of yours. Gorgeous colors and leather, every one of them.
  11. I wish they were all mine... but (for now) only the olive is mine!
  12. Loving the Olive Day. I was looking for a origan day or dolma green day but I like this one as well. Congrats!
  13. I love your day collection~! So pretty... love the color selection too... CONgrats! :tup:
  14. Congrats all of them are beautiful!
  15. Olive is such a calming and deep color! Congrats! Don't you just love the F/W 2007 leather?! Divine.