Olgas green spy on ebay

  1. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up Olga a very serious spy collector has her brand new green spy listed on eBay. So if anyone out their has been wanting one of these nows the time to get it.
  2. It is so gorgeous! :nuts: I wish it was in my budget. Hopefully someone here can afford to give it a home.
  3. I know! I just saw it!! It is so gorgeous...I've never seen an '05 spy in such mint condition! :drool:
  4. Olgas bags are all brand new as she does not use them. This one is lovely and bubbly which is rare for an 05 bag
  5. thanks for the heads up Saich

    Was on drooling at it!
  6. ugh. that bag is so hot it's ridiculous.
  7. Quick! What's the auction number?
  8. It Sold to some lucky person. What a beautiful bag. Look in back auctions, it will be in there.
  9. How do you look in back auctions?
  10. WOW~ That bag is quite a dream!!!!
  11. But I'm still curious as to how you can see closed auctions with out knowing the auction number......
  12. Wow, beautiful!
  13. Once you have signed in to eBay (you have to be a member to see back auctions) I usually just put in search Fendi Spy then I put in highest then on the left hand side scroll down and there is a place where you can check completed auctions, then a few lines below that click show items. Hope this helps some.