Olg4's Spies Obsession!!!!

  1. Hi everybody,Im new here...Im a spy lover and been spending too much money on this particular bag :P

    I would love to share my collection with all of you spy lovers out there...so here they are!! :flowers: Oh forgot to mention I have 8 spy bags in total, BUT mostly doubled(as a back up just in case the other one got ruined he he), so here's 1 sequinned, 2 greens, 2 cognacs(one is not pictured as my sis borrowed it), 1 large dark brown, 1 medium dark brown, and 1 honey...
    2.JPG 1.JPG sequinned1.JPG green spy 1.JPG nice!.JPG cognac and honey spys.JPG dark brwn spy.JPG medium drk brwn spy.JPG
  2. You have twin green spys? That's cool. :heart: your collection & thanks for sharing with us.
  3. Ok seriously jealous!!! I love spy bags!!! I want a forest green one really badly as well as the petrol and silver one.
  4. Hey,

    Any reason why you have two green ones?? I would love just to have one.:yes:
  5. Wow!!! incredible spy collection - What colors are they?
  6. LOL I was thinking the same thing!!!!!
  7. Hi,sorry forgot to mention...yes,there's absolutely a reason he he heI love these bags too much that I need to have a back up on each color just in case the other one got ruined! LOL I love them to death that I dont even think about selling one of them :sad:
  8. One as a backup?? wow!!! wish I could do that. Love your collection...keep it up..make sure you post any new ones to your collection.
  9. OMG!!!:amazed: LOVE all of your SPIES!!!:love: :love: :love: Welcome to PF!:flowers:
  10. Wow. Did you ever know that you're my hero?
  11. Thanks, they're actually only 5 colors but I have them twins mostly :smile:They are greens, cognacs, darks browns, honey, and sequinned
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome,ladies...Luxx, why am I your hero??? he he *confused*
  13. You're my hero because your Spy collection is just so utterly amazing :love: and I love the idea of getting backups! That is such a good idea especially for a bag as fabulous and rare as the Spy. I'm on the hunt for a green spy so seeing that you have two gives me some hope!
  14. Wow - your bags are absolutely amazing. Makes me regret getting rid of my green spy. Do you find it hard to match with clothing?
  15. Welcome to the PF! That is a gorgeous spy collection - wow!!!