Ole Henriksen Fans?

  1. I randomly found this brand in my local Sephora last year. I got "suckered" into buying a couple of their products, The New Beginning Scrub and the Blue/Blackberry Enzyme Mask. I must say, they were both amazing! They make my skin so soft and smooth. I've also started using their Sheer Transformation cream (oil free), and it's been great as well! I just love his products, they are so gentle yet so effective. :nuts: I want to try more of his products. Does anyone else love him and have recommendations?
  2. I'd be curious to hear as well. As he is danish,his products are quite everywhere here but so pricey !
  3. I've heard really great things, but have never tried any myself. I would like to!
  4. I recently got a sample of ole henriksen eye cream "express the truth". It has african red tea and vitamin C.

    I am turning into an eye cream junkie so any sample is great to try. I DO like this a lot and it's a close competition between this and some Arbonne products!
  5. I went to his spa in LA about 6 years ago and i liked it =)
  6. Spa...:tender:well why can't he open some in his home country ???? Denmark in desperate need of spas !!!
    -they only have saunas in which everyone get naked together:yucky:-
  7. Yes. Ooh I love his Truth Serum collagen booster. Alright, I admit. I haven't reached 18 yet, but this is so fantastic. It keeps my acne scars at bay, makes my skin glow! I'm interested in trying his African Tea thingy spray.
  8. Has anyone tried the Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser for Oily/Blemish Prone skin?
  9. Alright well after one night and one morning use of the cleanser, all's good! My pimples seem to be getting smaller :]]
  10. Bumping this thread, because I just bought the "Three Little Wonders" pack from him, and I absolutely LOVE it.

    "Set includes a 1 oz Truth Serum, 1 oz Invigorating Night Gel, and a 1 oz Sheer Transformation."

    I use the Truth Serum both day and night, it absorbs SO well. After that I use Sheer Transformatioin for day and Invigorating Night Gel at night. My skin feels so soft and smoooooooth!!

    You guys gotta try this!
  11. I LOVE the collagen boosting one.