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  1. Anyone else (besides me) listen to them?

    What songs are your favorites?

    Save The Last Dance For Me by The Drifters
    I always loved that song, but then when they showed it on Queer As Folk with Brian and Justin dancing . . . . that clinched it for me! The whole song is basically saying, "Look but don't touch. I'm the one that loves you the most." I love the beat, and I love the words.
    Oh I know that the musics fine
    Like sparklin' wine,go and have your fun
    Laugh and sing,but while we're apart
    Don't give your heart to anyone

    Dream A Little Dream Of Me by The Mamas And The Papas
    Again, I've always loved the song, but when you tie it into a really sweet scene from a movie (at the end of A Beautiful Thing) . . . AHH!
    Stars fading but I linger on dear
    Still craving your kiss
    I'm longing to linger till dawn dear
    Just saying this

    California Dreamin' by The Mamas And The Papas
    I love the beat, I love the words. They're so simple, but add the harmonies in and it becomes this really complex song. Throw in the flute solo and it's a wonderful song. (I like to sing the harmonies!)
    Well I got down on my knees (got down on my knee-ees) and I pretend to pray

    Time Of The Season by The Zombies
    I love the introduction to this song - the dun dun dun shhh ah!s. It's sexy and sultry but it's not sleazy. And the organ break in the middle is just great.
    In this time give it to me easy
    And let me try with pleasured hands
    To take you in the sun to promised lands

    God Only Knows by The Beach Boys
    This is such a sweet song. It's fun to sing. I hate to keep saying I'm getting these songs from a movie, but this one was in two of my favorites: Saved! and Love, Actually. It sounds weird to start a song with "I may not always love you" but listen to the rest of the lyrics. But the title of the song is God only knows and the chorus is "God only knows what I'd be without you" so you can't really doubt the songwriter's love.
    If you should ever leave me
    Well life would still go on believe me
    The world could show nothing to me
    So what good would living do me

    Sugar Sugar by The Archies
    I love this song! I love the beat, I love the lyrics. They're so simple. It starts off with Sugar and then Honey, Honey. The second verse starts off with Honey and then Sugar, Sugar. Then to break up the monotony they have Pour a little sugar on it honey / baby and then I'm gonna make your life so sweet sung at a higher and than higher octave. Also, I remember Archie comics and reading about them practicing their band. They were usually singing this.

    This Magic Moment by Jay And The Americans
    I remember just thinking is the the most romantic song in the world. And I still think that. I used to make my Barbies slow dance to this song!
    Sweeter than wine (sweeter than wine)
    Softer than a summer night (softer than a summer night)
    Everything I want, I have (everything, everything)
    Whenever I hold you tight
  2. How can I have a list of my favorite Oldies songs and NOT include Elvis Presley? That's just blasphemous!

    He had the most amazing voice, and in his heyday he was a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL man!

    In his songs, the words and melodies were always so simple but you throw in the instrumental backgrounds and his voice and change it up a bit in the second or third verse and it's not repetative anymore.

    Can't Help Falling In Love
    Like This Magic Moment (see above) this is one of those Really Romantic Songs. The lyrics are simple and straightforward. But you put his voice together with those instruments and you just want to grab someone you love and dance with them to this song.
    Like a river flows, surely to the sea
    Darling so it goes, some things are meant to be

    Suspicious Minds
    Again, the words are simple, but if you add his voice and an instrumental background, it becomes a wonderful song. I also like the ooh ooh ooh ooh oohs in the background when he gets to the second or third verse.
    We can't go on together
    With suspicious minds (suspicious minds)
    And we can't build our dreams
    On suspicious minds

    Burning Love
    I have to admit I first heard this one when I saw Lilo & Stitch but I absolutely fell in love with it! Elvis got his start singing gospel and it totally shows in this song. It's like gospel / rock 'n roll.
    Your kisses lift me higher
    Like the sweet song of my choir
    You light my mornin' sky
    With burning love
  3. I LOVE the oldies--that's why American Graffiti is one of my favorite movies!

    I agree on the Mamas and Papas, and Suspicious Minds by Elvis. Also Dion and the Belmonts, Roy Orbison, Sam Cooke, the Buckinghams. (any songs by them) My favorite Beach Boys song is "All Summer Long"--it's the last song in American Graffiti.
  4. I Love oldies and 1 hit wonders..2 of my most played playlists on my ipod.
  5. Elvis, Otis, Sam Cook, Jimmy Ruffin...the list goes on, the oldies are the best!