Oldies But Goodies

  1. I think you guys are the only ones who can help me get over my stuck.
    You'll remember me to be the Marc bag addict who started by getting a knock off but didn't know it was a knock off of a Marc bag..in fact living where I do...didn't know Marc at all...to the addict that then bought 35 bags in a like 1.2 years...well
    I for some reason can not get myself to like any...any...of the new styles. I don't know what has happened to me.
    I am still stuck on trying to find another cool Sophia...in Tomato or yellow anything...a Pattie in something other than yellow..and a multi pocket in stark white...that's it. I've stopped shopping...this is unheard of and needs a quick fix.
    Can you awesome ladies help me...maggie previously aereodyte...
  2. haha I felt the same way you do until the stam grew on me like a bad wart.
  3. I love the striping line, but you could always branch out into other brands. so many cute bags out there.
  4. I can totally relate maggie... I love the older styles, but the new ones are slowly growing on me. I like the Bal Halbour satchel so far, but the other ones aren't enticing me. I think I may wait out another season and see what he has in store for next fall.
  5. Maggie, there are many beautiful and classic looking bags from Resort 06. The problem is that non-MJ & online stores only carry very few styles/colors. There aren't too many bags from QUILTED SIGNATURE LEATHER/NYLON lines (unpopular among members here), they don't represent the entire collection (100+ styles) at all.

    Do you have a MJ store by you? Maybe you can check them out there. =)