Oldies but Goodies!

  1. What shows/sitcoms from the past can you watch over and over again ?


    My choice hands down would have to be I Love Lucy. I absolutely love the show and intend on buying the dvd set of the whole series soon.
  2. I LOVE LUCY:tup:
  3. Golden Girls! :smile:
  4. brady bunch
  5. Def I Love Lucy. Last year I bought the entire series on DVD. It never gets old.
  6. Melrose place, 90210, Thirty Something, movie wise...Breakfast Club, St. Elmos Fire,
  7. I Love Lucy
    Golden Girls
    Designing Women (especially the ones with Suzanne!)
    The Brady Bunch
  8. Courtship of Eddie's Father

    My Three Sons
  9. bewitched!
  10. Family Ties
  11. Blossom-- if it were on somewhere
  12. I Love Lucy
    I Dream of Jeannie
    Brady Bunch
    Growing Pains

    Ok, so I probably wouldn't watch all of those over and over again, but I definitely watch them if they come on tv!
  13. Golden Girls
    Frasier ( tho it's not such an oldie!)
  14. i love lucy, i dream of jeannie(this ismy all time favrotie tv show), mash(i didnt use to like this show but i have found myself watching it almost every night!), welcome back kotter(they need to come out with the next dvd set already! grrr), fresh prince, full house, 80s cartoons