Oldest pet you've ever had?

  1. Just curious, how old is/was your oldest pet? My family & I used to have a 16 year old cat, Bluto.
  2. Our family cat that I rescued right after I graduated high school.. My mom had to have him put to sleep last year~ he was 14. Believe me, I don't know he made it that long. He used every one of his nine lives I think! From having his head wedged behind a neighbor's work bench for 3 days (no one could find him!) to an accidental poisoning. He was a great cat.

    We had our 12 year old Persian put to sleep about 9 months ago. He was the second oldest.
  3. Jimmy in my avatar and signature is the oldest I've had, he's 16years old.
  4. ^^OMG that is cute!

    I had a horse that lived to 36. Yes, 36, he was a registered Quarter horse so we had his papers with his birthdate.
  5. my cat, nicholas, was 15 when we had to put him down. we had him since before i was born...i STILL miss that cat when i'm sick (he always knew when someone just needed a little love)
  6. Our cat Ebony lived to be 18. We bottle fed her as a little kitten. She and her three sisters were found in some duct work in my sister's dorm. They were going to be put to sleep, but my sister rescued them. We bottle fed them all and kept two. The other one we kept, Jasmine, lived to be 16.
  7. My dear sweet generic black KeeKee, whom I lost on 12/16 due to renal failure, lived to be 15. And my beloved dog Penny, who was a big brown mutt from the Humane Society, lived to be 14 1/2. She has been long gone.....I deeply miss them both.
  8. My Kitty Janis was 25 when she died - when I got her it was from a friend of a friend who told me that she was 18 months old, years later the friend was drunk and 'fessed up that they gave me an eight year old cat and told me she was 1.5.My lab Honey lived to 15.5.As for my coton de tulear dogs:My Marco is 13 and has never (knock wood) been sick, likewise Sabrina at 12 and Cookie at 10.Sabrina'a Dad lived to 19 so I have high hopes for her.
  9. Thank you Irishgal... :smile:

    But Jimmy's in some health problems... so... I'm not too optimistic... :crybaby:


    Your pets live such long lives. :smile:
  10. My cat Papa is 20 now! She is is good health and is enjoying retirement...laying on her pillow in the sun is what she loves to do...I love her so much :love:
  11. My cat was 19 when she died 8 years ago.
  12. With the cat, it was sheer luck, I didn't know anything about nutition or health.

    With the dogs, I have tried to take really good care of them. Honey, my lab, was a rescue that I took in when she was 9 years old. She was so fat (120 pounds) that she couldn't really go up and down stairs without a struggle. I took advantage of the fact that labs love to fetch and I used to sit out on the front step and throw a toy for her half an hour at at time 3-4 times a day until she started getting more fit.

    And none of my dogs eat dry dog food. I prepare either raw or cooked food for them every day. The only commercially prepared "dog food" that they eat is Nature's Variety Raw Frozen Diets for Dogs and Cats

    We try to eat aas well as the dogs, but it doesn't always happen:confused1:
  13. Our Australian Cattle dog, Sassy, is 16 right now, she will be 17 in May.
    She is deaf, sleeps most of the time, but still in fairly good health. I can't take her for walks anymore though, and I miss that, she just doesn't move too well. She used to know so many tricks and was really smart and protective.....
    I did have a cat named Zeek who lived to be 13.
  14. My cat, Rockie, is about 18 years old, give or take a year, she was adopted so no one knew for sure, just have an estimate. Cross your fingers, the vet says she's healthy minus being a little overweight and having arthritis but no other problems yet.
  15. We've had 3 dogs that have lived to 17, 16 and 15. A hamster that lived to 2 and a half ( I think that usually they can live up to about 2). He went through an operation at 2 years to remove a tumor and survived the anasthetic (difficult at that age and difficult for a small animal to survive at the best of times) to live another happy 6 months.

    My aunt currently has a Siamese cat that's 22 - she had a litter sister that died about 4 years ago. When I was in school a friend of mine had a cat that lived to 23. It was taken in as a stray kitten when my friend was 3 and that cat was eventually put down when my friend was 26.

    Love hearing your stories as well. Great about the horse living till 36. Fantastic.