Oldest Mulberry.....?

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  1. What is your oldest Mulberry bag?
    Mine is from I think 2007 - a Kensington in Darwin Oak. Think I used her every day for about 2 years for work, and it looks amazing. Darwin Oak aged so well.
  2. I'm a big newbie fan of this vintage.

    Rosemary in Rio tricolour and Choc / tan Emmy with matching choc keyring / bag charm / coin purse for me.

    I don't think we're going to win prizes for the oldest. The Roger Saul labelled bags have really caught my vintage interest. Nonetheless, there's something very special about the beautiful leather Darwin hides used by Mulberry in the mid 'Noughties' when your pound really bought a quality leather bag.
    Just don't start me off on my 2013 Alexa experience! It wasn't pretty :sad:
  3. Not sure on the year but oldest one is a knightsbridge in Darwin oak...ashamed to say that it has never been used and still sits with its packing inside :shame:: I regularly gel her tho ready for use !
  4. Beautiful - let her be freeeeeeee :hbeat:
  5. Ha ha I know I should use her but I have 2 young children and usually need a cross the body bag so I can be hands free :0) ...I will use her one day x
  6. :smile: Mine are 9 and 4. It won't be long until you can let her out - time flies :smile:
  7. Good to have you on board 2007 was my fav year!!! I love effie Kensington, ayler, ....used to have rosemary but found it too small.....also used to have some of the saddle bags with the tartan lining but again found them too small so my oldest is probably about 10 years old
  8. I have a little collection of five tartan-liners, all Fabrique en Angleterre, that are my oldest (and favourite) bags.

    They are a mixture of leathers, colours and sizes, but have one thing in common - indestructibleness! ((That may not be a real word)
  9. But it's a good word so we will adopt it
  10. My oldest two are probably tooled bays and lavender Rosie. Not sure on the years for them.
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    My oldest are my mabels and I can't remember when they were introduced (2008/09?). I used to have a gorgeous congo trout bag and would have to agree with Plemont on them being indestructible! I'd never have to collonil it and it would be fine in snow or a heavy downpour. I eventually rehomed it my friend who absolutely loves it and it suits her more than it did me. I still miss it and would love to find another vintage Mulberry bag.

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  12. Mabel's are no where near that old surely? I thought Mabel was 08/09 ish!
  13. You're absolutely right, complete typo & I'm not thinking straight. I would've been in my teens and Mulberry certainly wasn't on my radar then!
  14. mine must be oxblood daria. not sure what year.
  15. I have a few Poppies which I love but I think my black Annie is the oldest and my favourite too