Older topic but I HAVE to find it: Chanel cassette and record bags

  1. Hi all, I might be about 2-3 years late joining the team here but I Need your expertise and help!!

    Has anyone seen or know where to find the hand bags that are shaped like wither a Cassette tape or a Vinyl record? The Cassette is acrylic and comes in black or clear, and the record is more of a purse/satchel style i think. I am in love:love:

    I know they came out a while ago but i just found a pic of them and I am DYING. Where oh where can they be? Has anyone seen strap or clasp (like hide or hair) of one of these amazing bags? I am in Manhattan.


    btw this site is amazing!:yahoo:
  2. I'm sure the only place to get these is on eBay, or a resale shop.
  3. Welcome rocker77! :heart:

    Yeah, I think you would have to scour eBay or consignment shops, or engage the services of a shopping concierge in NY to find one. Good luck with your search! :yes:
  4. hmmmm

    thanks ladies, i will keep digging.
  5. rocker77,

    I just saw the Cassett bag in the Chanel outlet in Woodbury Commons NY a few weeks ago. They've had it sitting there for quite a while - every time I go I see it.
  6. I love that bag!:love: good luck on tracking it down :smile:
  7. Welcome to PF!! eBay would be your best bet.
  8. Last time I saw one of these was at Neimans Last call, but it was more than 8 months ago.
  9. I recently saw one at the Chanel at Woodbury Commons. Have you tried them?
  10. Welcome and I hope you can get ahold of these bags-looks like you'll be able to hopefully find the cassette one!
  11. I was gonna say I saw the black and the clear casette tape ones at Woodburry when i went in August. I love them, but, didn't have the 600 at the time for them. (Plus they're uber small!!) Can't believe they're still (possibly) there!
  12. Wow thanks for all the good tips girls. i am heading up there this weekend just in case one is still hanging around. cross you fingers.
  13. Let us know if you find it. I was going to drive up there last Friday, but it was so windy out...and it will be 10 times worse up there!!!

    Good luck : )
  14. best of luck, hope you find at least one of them or preferably both, soon!

    and...did someone mention Chanel concierge? where can such a person be contacted? Perhaps he/she can find the Chanel valentine bag of a year or two ago? i would be so grateful!
  15. What is the Chanel concierge?! I"M DYING FOR THAT VALENTINE BAG!!!