Older Style YELLOW Hobo SB $9.99!

  1. I'm not a fan of yellow but I really like this style. Could be a great find for someone.
  2. It seems like everyone is selling this style. I have seen 3 in the past 3 months!
  3. I LOVE this bag...I want it, no actually I NEED it!!!
  4. cutie.... anyone know when this bag is made?
  5. oooh I love that color! :drool:
  6. i really love this bag!!! but ive never seen one like it before... is it authentic?
  7. Yes, it's authentic. Wow, if anyone wants a yellow, THIS IS IT!!

    Wow! I'm waiting on a black one and I'm soooo excited to see it. It's gonna be a wait though.....UPS ground:hysteric: Oh well, it'll be that much sweeter when it does arrive, right? At least thats what I tell myself.:rolleyes:
  8. made early 2004 I am pretty sure. My friend has a reallllllllly reallllly nice one in Red and she bought it at the store in early 2004 so.....I am assuming it was made early 2004 or late 2003....
  9. OH my that's divine!!!
  10. sink! sink! SINK!

    *throws anvils into thread*
  11. i saw this yesterday and was going to put something on the authenticate this thread... but didn't bother because i couldn't believe it was true :amazed:

    wonder what it will ultimately go for...

    i love yellow!
  12. lovely bag!
  13. I'm not normally a yellow kinda girl. But this baby I will be watching!